The Art Box VR Contemporary Exhibitions is an exclusive VR Kit, that offers a limited-edition immersive exhibition box for gold clients. Ideal for those looking for a unique artistic experience in which art meets the cutting edge of technology. By purchasing the ArtBox VR kit, you will be able to enjoy, in a VR experience , lifelong immersive exhibitions featuring artists represented by São Rafael Galleries.

You can enjoy an experience of total immersiveness only possible through the power of Virtual Reality. And because we want to provide you with the best experience, when purchasing the ArtBox VR kit, a high quality VR glasses (headseat) and controllers, we offer free acess to our Contemporary Exhibitions which transport your movements directly into VR. A total artistic journey that will blow your mind.

f you want to get an idea of ​​what the total immersive experience will be like, visit our immersive exhibitions in augmented reality and imagine yourself inside. Also, the VR Kit is PC VR Compatible, that is, it allows you to connect to the PC, opening up another series of experiences like visiting museums that have VR compatibility (we provide a list of cultural suggestions for easy access.), watching theather plays, movies or even playing games. All this will take just one click, specially designed in this troubled period of the pandemic, so that culture remains at the service of humanity.

  • VR Kit (headset and controller)
With 6DOF, the headset tracks the movement of both your head and body, then translates them into VR with realistic precision. No external sensors required.
Fast-Switch LCD Display
1832 x 1920 Resolution Per Eye
60, 72, 90 Hz Refresh Rate Supported
Glasses Compatible
3D positional audio is built directly into the headset, allowing you to hear what’s all around you. The 3.5 mm audio port lets you play with or without headphones.
Storage 128 GB

  • Artbox VR Tutorial explaining how to use the kit and acess the exhibitions VR mode
  • Access to contemporary art exhibitions, promoted virtually by São Rafael GalleriesDiscover the best of contemporary art: Catarina Diaz, Leonor T. Sousa, Ricardo Gomes, Arista2099, Abílio Marcos, Ashima Kumar, Lena Silva, Gulnar Sacoor , António Azenha, João Freire, Marco Gomes, Kwame Koda, Jaime R Ferreira, Cecília Acevedo, Gabriela González, Lilia Luján, Hossam Dirar, Fabián Caro, Tomiwa Arobieke, Rodolfo M. Costa and much more. The works jump out of the frames and the paintings come to life in an immersive experience in virtual reality. Artbox VR: welcome to the future of contemporary art!
  • A list of another VR cultural experiences

Would you like to offer a fully immersive VIP experience about a specific artist of your choice?
Contact us, we can produce a personalized ArtBox, in VR or augmented reality (according to preference).