4 bridges (GOLDEN EDITION)

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Illustration on 100% cotton radiant white Fine Art paper with manual application of gold leaf, signed and with white seal. Available in A3 and A6 size. No frame included.


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The “4 bridges” (Pt. 4 Pontes) is an illustration by the duo Vimoc and belongs to our Golden Edition, a series of artworks on the beaty of nature and city architecture. In this artwork the artists seek to recover the portuguese tradition of the application of gilt wood carving as well as making us travel across the four iconic Douro bridges: D. António Francisco dos Santos Bridge, Infante D. Henrique Bridge, D. Luís I Bridge and Arrábida Bridge. All these bridges tell the stories of cities and link cultures, in a panorama that is a world heritage. These 4 bridges are a magnificent and unique route in Porto and through this artwork the artist invites you to observe the waters of the Douro river and lose yourself in the idyllic landscape.

A folha de ouro é aquilo que diferencia o nosso trabalho dos demais […] A nossa intenção é realçar a arquitetura e ir buscar a tradição portuguesa da aplicação da talha dourada.” – “Gold leaf is what differentiates our work from others […] Our intention is to highlight the architecture and recall the Portuguese tradition of the application of gilded woodcarving. (VIMOC)


Vítor Costa and Elsa Duarte (Vimoc Project) are architects and designers with a passion for the art of urban representation in its most varied aspects. A duo with a Portuguese soul and origin in the city of Porto that creates and develops unique and different illustrations, with manual application of gold leaf, with the intention of highlighting the architecture and taking the Portuguese tradition of the application of gilded woodcarving, linked to the product design based on rasing hand drawing. The exhibitions “PORTOguese Soul” (2017), at Founders Founders, and “ALMAPORTOguesa” (2018), at Tenente Valadim Space, particularly marked their artistic path.