Acrylic on canvas. 120x80cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“A-200” is an artwork by the Guinean artist Luís Liberato, whose work stands out for its constant subtraction of the narrative, placing his art as a counter-field of a hygienic society portrayed on the surface of design. The abstract dimension of this artist’s work is characterized by an understanding of images and their textures as a sequence of dense silent experiences, with the aim of evoking a new way of looking and feeling, stripped of the limitations of a rational field.


Luís Liberato was born in Guinea-Bissau in 1955 and lives in Lisbon. Between 1978 and 2009 he worked as Creative Director at the Advertising Agency CristivaFarma Publicidade SA, having dedicated himself entirely to painting in 2010. He crossed his interest in painting with a 30-year career in advertising that influenced his constant subtraction in the narrative , placing his art as a counter-field of a hygienic society that portrays itself on the surface of the design. From his exhibition route, it is worth noting the colletive exhibition “Salão Convívivio dos Artistas Sócios” of the National Society of Fine Arts (2014), as well as the IX Vidigueira Art Biennial (2014), the collective exhibition at Torre Branca in Milan, the 5th International Espinho Art Biennial (2019), the exhibitions “Tragaluz” (2014) and “Mundo d’Água” (2013) at Espaço Exibicionista, the 3rd International Gaia Art Biennial (2019), the X Vidigueira Art Biennial (2016), the 3rd Galeria Aberta International Art Salon (2014). He also exhibited at the National Society of Fine Arts (1977 and 2014), Nobre Rito Space (2012), Álamo Palace (2011), Arte e Valor Gallery (2010), House Museum João de Deus (2018) and Yellow House, in Maputo (1974). He was awarded several prizes, including the Bronze Medal at the 2nd International Art Expo in Montemor-o-Velho and the International Creative Painting Award 2014. He is also present in the list of the 100 Portuguese artists selected for the Debut Contemporary & Portugal Now, in London (2015).