Oil on canvas. 50x120cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Jaime R Ferreira’s work explores, reflects and captures the spirit of colors. Giving color to shape and shaping color are constants in his painting. Its figures and shapes create theatrical and magical environments that aim to tell stories with emotions.

Jaime R Ferreira was born in the medieval village of Santo Estevão, in Chaves, in 1962. He had master Jaime Silva as a teacher at the National Society of Fine Arts, what allowed him to join his individual path of contact with other countries and cultures with the world of arts, but it was in Paris that he really discovered painting. He has participated in various solo and collective exhibitions since 1999, including: “Beyond instinct” (2020) at Forum Grandella; “Tell me a story” (2020) at Casa Mantero, “The disturbing sense of things” (2019) at Espaço Santa Casa, “Maybe a Strange World” (2018), “Liquid Traces” (2015), “Retrospective” (2012), “Casualties” (2011) at Casual Lounge; “Convergências” (2018) at Bagg Gallery; VI Bienal de Culturas Lusófonas (2017); OLH`ARTE – Collective Exhibition (Maia, 2014); “Complemento” (2002) at Bento Martins Gallery; “Memórias de Santo Estêvão” (2001) at Art Gallery; “Olhar Carnide” Exhibition (2001); “O Mito, o Sonho e a Luz ” (2001) at Comuna Theater; “Mutação II” (2000) at Carnide Theater; “Mutação” (2000) and “Papel de Parede” (2000) at Tejo Bar; SERVARTE – collective (1999), among others. He was also included in the PÁTEO das ARTES collection (2002) and, in 2017, collaborated with the SUBVERSA Magazine (2017).