PC Cotton 300  Giclée print (100% cotton paper), belonging to a limited edition series of 20, digitally signed, 80 x 80cm, 2022.

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Mi trabajo es básicamente un ejercicio catártico, donde intento conjugar todos los elementos en armonía y equilibrio. La intuición, la experimentación y la estética son la base de mi técnica. La raíz de mi visión plástica, mi propia esencia, mis sentidos… – “My work is basically a cathartic exercise, where I try to combine all the elements in harmony and balance. Intuition, experimentation and aesthetics are the base of my technique. The root of my plastic vision, my own essence, my senses…. (Lilia Lújan)


The “Approches II” is a 100% Cotton Giclée Print from a mixed media creation on canvas by the mexican artist Lilia Luján. This piece comes in the figurative-expressionist line of the artist, full of allegories with fun characters, elements of nature that gain expression through color and collage, in addition to textiles, paintings, wood, metals, pigments, arenas and resins, among other materials.



Lilia Luján is a self-taught and awarded multidisciplinary mexican artist, active in the plastic arts since 1995. Specialized in painting, alternative sculpture, minimalist murals, thematic series of social art, graphics and illustration, she also collaborates on various social projects with vulnerable groups. She directed 25 thematic murals and more than 400 national and international exhibitions. With published Contemporary Art books and editorial presence wolrdwide,  Lilia’s editorial and exhibition career stands out in México, Finland, India, Spain, China, Russia, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, USA, Israel and France. Her artistic career includes several awards and exhibitions, such as 1st Place Category Award for book graphics in the XII “St. Petersburg Art Week 2021”, in Russia; Social Art Award 2021-New Greening, in Berlin; II International Poster Award MAKMA- Order / Disorder in the MUVIM-Museu Valencià de la II-lustraciò i de la Modernitat (2021), in Spain;  Awarded finalist of the Design Edition XX-XX, category Social Covid-19 graphic, in México; Selected artist in the 6th Beijing International Art Biennale “Memory and Dream”, National Art Museum of China (2015); the 16th International Print Triennale Graphica Creativa 2022, in Finland; Culture 2.0 Festival in Filand (2021); Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale 2021, in China; International Human Rights Art Festival 2021, in NY City; 3RD International Print Biennale SKOPJE, in Macedonia (2020); IV Textile Meeting of Zaragoza “Hulaki: Mutaciones”, in Spain (2020); International Inspiration Day Fest 2020, STUDIORDD, in Israel; International Exhibition of Contemporary Art-HUMAN RIGHTS? # CLIMA- L’EDIZIONE 2019, Aiap-UNESCO, in Italy.