Limited-edition ArtBox Immersive Salvador Dalí for browser and mobile compatible, beloging to “World’s Great Painters” collection. Take a deep dive into the cultural evolution in Art through augmented reality.

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The ArtBox AR Immersive Salvador Dalí is an immersive exhibition room created in aumented reality, with an immersive and interactive dimension. This ArtBox belongs to the Limited 1st edition of the “World’s Great Painters” collection. Ideal for those looking for a unique artistic experience in which art meets the cutting edge of technology.  You can enjoy an experience of immersiveness only possible through the power of Augmented Reality.  By purchasing the ArtBox AR Immersive Frida Kahlo, the São Rafael galleries will give exclusive access to a private virtual exhibition room that will allow you to travel through the famous artworks of one of the most important artists of surrealism, known for his incredible combination of bizarre and dreamlike images and his pronounced mustache, with interactive information about the artist’s path and his artworks.

This first edition is a pre-sale. If you want to get an idea of ​​what the immersive experience will be like, visit our immersive exhibitions in augmented reality and imagine it’s about your favorite artist. A fun and interactive way to learn art history, ideal for children and teenagers, but also for adults.  All this will take just one click, specially designed in this troubled period of the pandemic, so that culture remains at the service of humanity.

Estimated time for box production after purchase: It will be produced within 15 days. Eventually production could be faster. As this is a digital product, access to ArtBox will be given by email, in which you will receive the access link. In case of buying as a gift (indicate in the purchase notes at checkout that it is for offer), we can also  send the ArtBox by postal address with QRCode access inside, no additional cost.










Would you like to offer a fully immersive VIP experience about a specific artist of your choice?

Contact us, we can produce a personalized ArtBox, in VR or augmented reality (according to preference).