Digital Art (PC Velvet fine art print). Open edition dated and signed. Available in A1, A2 and A3. 2021. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“I began to realize that this type of art, which I define a lot as intuitive and impressionistic, has enormous potential to stimulate the eyes and senses of those who observe it. It can also generate stimuli of well-being, joy and enhancing the creativity that exists within each one, whether artistic or not.”

“Beauty inside the monster”, by the digital artist Ricardo Gomes, is an artwork that conceptualizes oil pastel painting as a way to transport colors and textures to the digital media. In this artwork, through colors, shapes and all the evoked scenery, the artist seeks for a neurological stimulation to increase the production of neurotransmitters and consequently change our state by simply observing it. He finds in art therapy a way to tell a story and involve the observer in a process of stimulation and transformation through the senses.


Ricardo Gomes was born in Covilhã, Serra da Estrela, in 1985. From a very young age showed a great sensory, creative and visionary capacity. He started his professional career in Marketing, having taken another direction when he discovered integrative therapies, psychotherapy, behavior emotional, neuroscience, quantum physics, art therapy, movements systemic and archetypes. Bringing together all these ingredients and his desire to transform lives, Ricardo decided to find in Art a highly benevolent and transformative tool. He uses oil pastel to look for tones, textures and shapes in the digital, where everything comes to life, gain dimension and originality.