Dance Of Life


Acrylic on canvas, mixed media, collages. 50x150cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“When I started, I found myself in the expression of Kufic calligraphy, in the description of the Divine attributes, in the memory of the high aspiration of the mystic, in the essence of Man, in the essence of universality. Painting is my way of doing meditation, it is my process of knowing the soul.” (Gulnar Sacoor)

Born in Mozambique and living in Portugal since 1974, Gulnar Sacoor is a self-taught artist since 1984. She dedicated herself entirely to her passion – the painting –  from 2000 onwards as a way of being in life. Since then, she has trained in painting, drawing and Art History at the National Society of Fine Arts, UL Faculty of Fine Arts, CCB, Dr. Rosa Fazenda Atelier, Dojo Zen Lisbon, among others. In the process of her evolution, marked by a strong multicultural background that encompasses Western, African and Indian cultures, she used several techniques, focusing, currently, on the use of acrylics, mixed techniques and collages. She is a member of the National Society of Fine Arts and her career includes numerous individual and collective exhibitions, with emphasis on “Colecção Diálogos” (2016) at the portuguese Directorate-General for the Administration of Justice, at the Emirates Mall-Ductac and the Time Square Mall in Dubai, “Obra Vária – A journey” 2000 – 2016 at the Ismaili Center in Lisbon, “In the name of the Child” (2008) at the Académie Européenne des Arts and “Linescapes” (2006) at the Palácio Sotto Mayor. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries, exhibition centers and art fairs, especially SNBA, FIGARCO – International Contemporary Art Fair of Figueira da Foz, International Art Fair DoisMil e Siete, among many others. Interpreted as a fusion between Mondrian and Rothko, her work highlights the myriad of colors and the realistic imagery of minimalist shapes and infinite landscapes, between mystery and spirituality. The artist is also represented in public collections in Portugal and abroad, namely in the Presidency of the Republic of Portugal, Presidency of Mozambique, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Lisbon City Council, Lisbon Metropolitan and in private collections in Portugal, USA, France, Canada , United Kingdom and S. Tomé and Principe.