Oil on canvas. 120x120cm. 2021. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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The “Day Dreams” series, by the Egyptian artist Hossam Dirar, results from an insightful reflection on the present, addressing our constant need to take refuge in the world of rosy dreams, our subconscious, in order to withstand the pains of the world and find encouragement, strength and hope in the beauteous, which in Hossam Dirar’s work translates into a look at female beauty conducted by impressive brushstrokes that take us to the vibrant world of unconscious.

“To escape a complex reality, we shut our eyes and indulge in daydreams. Daydreams that are made beautifully to represent the beauty of our subconscious. Meanwhile, our conscious mind gathers these thoughts, selecting from them what relieves it from the tensions outside of it.Our souls hold an abundance of positive energies and vibrant hues that are constantly disrupted by the harsh forces of reality. So when we close our eyes, we resort to those spirited moments and gather the strength we need to endure the cruelness beyond them. It is an experience of separation from the external and exploration of the internal, the experience of shutting the eye.” (Hossam Dirar)

Hossam Dirar is an Egyptian multidisciplinary artist. He obtained a BA in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University in Cairo and a MA in Sound Art from the University of Barcelona. Following the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, Dirar produced his first paintings and after that began traveling around Europe gathering inspiration from various galleries and museums. His cultural uncertainty pushed him to delve into the world of Ancient Egyptian history in search for a cultural identity he can relate to and call his own. In this search, he discovered his interest in women’s rights and the beauty in the contrast of cultures in terms of beliefs, liberty and open-mindedness. As he developed his style, he began creating impressionist and abstract expressionist artworks. Today, his paintings can be seen as a graceful combination of both, impressionism and abstract expressionism.