Empório Aragão x Marina Emphietzi Mobile Phone Bag


This mobile phone bag, made of PU material, has a soft and simple design with a round, full shape and good texture. The detachable lanyard decoration makes it suitable for both leisure and commuting. Crafted in collaboration with renowned artist Marina Emphietzi, the design draws inspiration from the alluring beauty of natural marine landscapes, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder. Of utmost exclusivity, there are only 100 units available of this limited edition mobile phone bag.


Inspired by the captivating marine artwork, “Nostalgia”, this collaboration with the esteemed artist Marina Emphietzi captures the mesmerizing fluidity of water through its exquisite shapes, intricate patterns, and vivid hues, resulting in a captivating abstract image. Made of PU material, this mobile phone bag has a soft and simple design. It has a round and full bag shape. It feels thick and has a good texture. The lanyard decoration of this bag is detachable, please avoid strong pulling, keep it properly, and be careful not to store it in a wet place. Whether it is leisure or commuting, this handbag can hold it!

  • Fabric: PU
  • The Product Size is13*20cm(5.1″*7.9″)
  • Four compartments with lanyard
  • Care Instruction: wipe with a damp cloth, do not expose to the sun.


Size Guide

Length Width
Inch 7.9 5.1
Centimeter 20 13

The size chart is manual measured, the margin of error is 3cm

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg


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