Collage technique (Splittographylage) on alveolar panel in micro-corrugated honeycomb cardboard. 30x30cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Lilly Helja Jonasson work is characterized by the geometric splitting of photography, in order to get a different content through redesign and it reflects the artist’s world of sensations. The splittografielage is a creative technique that lends itself to questioning fixed or entrenched meanings and guiding them into new unspent meanings through the new combination.
“I capture moments with my camera and project them onto a canvas or other backgrounds. My paintings are abstract and my interpretation of abstract art is geometric abstraction in the use of geometric elements, such as asymmetrical triangles and rectangles, in the form of photosplitter. I dissolve the original form (original image) by cutting it into small geometric parts. By dissolving the original order and meaning, I can create something new. This process of cutting is the 3rd step of my working technique. The structures and colors that are created by dissolving their original form are my color palettes that I use to create a collagetion. With each cut the original meaning is changed and neutralized and thereby the basis for a new image is created.” (Lilly Helja Jonasson)
Lilly Helja Jonasson was born in Walsrode, Germany, 1983. Graduated in Architecture by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, since 2010 she has been working as an artist and architect with a focus on abstractionism geometric. Stands out for the technique “splittografielage” based on the fragmentation of author photography in geometric shapes with the aim of creating a new art object through collage. In her artistic path, the following exhibitions stand out: “Memory to Future” (2020) and the Muse Inspirationweek (2018) at Hasselbring in Hannover. She is also a member of the artistic initiative “Four Blue Passion”, a exhibition event that brings together several arts.