Indicación Posvacacional 2


Mixed media on paper. 40×50 cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“Indicación Posvacacional 2” (En. Post-Vacation indication 2), by Tebo, belongs to a series of compositions in which signs and landscapes are superimposed, forming the same image . This artwork is a minimalist composition and all the elements converge for us to follow the clues to fictitious places.

It is a series of compositions in which, once again, signs and landscapes are superimposed, forming the same image. The set is part of EXPLORA/SISTEMA. All these elements are intended to be an invitation to follow the clues to a fictional place, which in fact, we are already observing. (Tebo)

Diego Estebo Ortiz, artistically known as Tebo, was born in Barcelona, 1982. Tebo’s artistic career has gone through different stages over the years. Interested in fields such as illustration, urban art and the specific site, among many other practices, the combination of all these factors has led him to develop his work in very different formats and contexts. In 2016, he began the project Códigos (Codes), which was to a large extent the beginning of his current phase. Itinerant in nature, he has developed it in artistic residencies in Spain, India, Bolivia, Argentina and Italy. In each of these places he has studied characteristic local aspects, such as the landscape, means of transport, architecture, writing, etc., synthesizing them into an abstract language with which to develop a series of works that represent his particular vision of each place. At the same time, he began to develop his own codes, abstract works that make no reference to any specific place or time, on the contrary, they try to evoke fictitious places. Minimalist compositions, with a taste for immediacy and the primitive, in which his two favourite themes merge: signs and landscapes.