“Let’s Fly Away Let’s Find a Way” Luxury Velvet Cushion


Let’s Fly Away plus Let’s Find a Way luxury velvet cushion, belonging to an unique and limited edition signed by the artists Catarina Diaz and Joana Sá Cabanelas. 50 x 50cm. 2021. Made in Portugal. Golden gift box included, with purple sealing wax and possibility of personalized message.

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“I consider my art an invitation to reconnect to nature and ourselves. By juxtaposing urban life and nature, my pieces aim to evoke contemplation, and ultimately, a return to memories of more serene times as the start of a self-healing journey. The enigmatic feminine figures akin to the relaxed presence of the wild motifs which serve as recreation of my own identity and suggest that nature can offer us the ability to restore tranquillity in a chaotic world. This is my inspiration: a message of hope and beauty, life and rebirth.” (Catarina Diaz)

Let’s Fly Away plus Let’s Find a Way Velvet Cushion, signed by the artists Catarina Diaz and Joana Sá Cabanelas, is part of Juux Studio’s latest luxury cushion collection Ode to freedom II. This exclusive cushion in velvet and limited to 12 units aims to raise awareness of the current fragility of the planet’s fauna and flora.

Based on this concept, the artist Catarina Diaz was invited to develop one of her works in analogue collage, an invitation launched by the designer and artist Joana Sá Cabanelas, who saw in Catarina Diaz’s work an aesthetic and ethical visual manifesto of the relationship between humans and nature. The result was the cushion “Let’s Fly Away plus Let’s Find a Way”, presented to us in a mirrored way. On one side, Catarina presents us with an imposing raven and an elegant woman dressed in dark, both with their heads held high looking over their shoulder, adorned with the white jasmine flower, symbolising reverence.

“Let’s fly away” speaks to us of a genuine, grounded relationship, which offers an invitation to a solo journey, as well as a joint adventure. On the other side, Joana Sá Cabanelas proposes an invitation to reconnect the beautiful and surprising nature that strives to survive with the city world, full of haste, harsh materials, based on consumerism. To emphasise a possible relationship based on respect, Joana Sá Cabanelas recreated a casual and often seen beautiful happening in big cities when a plant or a flower ruptures from a concrete wall. To create awareness of this possible and most needed cohesion, she elevated this need for change and painted a Fairrie’s Paphiopedilum plant, which is critically endangered. The two sides of the same cushion whisper that only a genuine relationship with ourselves, the other, and nature allows us to fly and find the way.

This cushion is entirely produced in Portugal, measuring 50X50cm, and covered in polyester velvet with invisible external hems and invisible zip. Also, this cushion is packaged in the JUUX presentation box made of golden micro-corrugated cardboard, customized with a purple sealing wax logo and an individual letter inside the box. An exquisite and artistic perfect gift.


Complete details:

Exterior Composition: Polyester Velvet – 100% Polyester with invisible exterior hems, velvet piping and concealed zip
Interior Composition: Polyester Taffeta – 100% Polyester
Velvet 100% Polyester Weight: 295 gr/sm
Size: 50 x 50cm
Dry Clean Only

Made in Portugal


Joana Sá Cabanelas was born in Porto, Portugal and grew up between this magical city, the cosmopolitan Lisbon and the North countryside, surrounded by nature. These different experiences enriched her creative imagination, which led to a unique way of expressing her stories full of fantasy, in which she surrounded herself since she was a child. Joana studied Product Design, Interior Design, Painting and Art and Design for the Public Space. Lived in Milan, Italy and Utrecht, The Netherlands and is now based in her hometown. | Catarina Diaz was born in Benguela, in 1969. At the age of 5, she moved to Portugal and she’s currently living in London, but brought with her the vibrant chromaticism of the African sunset, the flamingos, the bougainvillea that marked her imagination and her creations. The cosmopolitan life of London also became a source of daily inspiration for her works. Her genius trought analog collage and oil sticks turned her into an up-and-coming internacional artist. She participates in several solo and group exhibitions in Madrid, Milan, London, Paris, San Francisco, Canary Islands, Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Portugal, New York and Forteventura. The artist was recently awarded the Collector’s Vision International Art Award for outstanding achievements and potential.