Cardboard primed with golden gesso. Winsor & Newton Oils. 30,5×40 cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.



Each piece by Lena Silva to its own right, is extremely real yet as much insincere, perhaps a hypostasis. Through a vibrant pallet of colours, Lena aims to elevate feminine figure in the hope of conveying affirmations of an internal feeling of beauty, self-love, strengthen and rebirth. A lover of poetry and often finding it comforting to describe the emotive side of her work through poetic words. Through her artwork she often gets a sense of belonging, an escape from the acrimony of daily life and chaos of society. Lena has an interest in human behaviours and coping mechanisms as a direct consequence of culture and society enforced expectations. Her work is also an expression of her wondering of human’s survival, persistence, and perpetuity of life – a fascination with life and its meaning, its consanguinity relating directly to the beauty of the experience.


Lena Silva is a contemporary, modern artist, of Portuguese origin, resident in the United Kingdom. A self-taught artist with a BSc Honours in Adult Health Sciences, the art of anatomy and physiology of human bodies. Lover arts and of sophistication, simplicity, versatility, influenced by Renaissance art period. A patron of the Florence Academy of Arts. Lena’s artwork can be described as portraiture, figurative a subtle touch of expressionism. Lena’s work has notably been part of international exhibitions and art fairs. Awarded in 2021 an artist merit in Italy – Palermo. Furthermore, her artworks have appeared in British publications such as Tatler, St John’s Wood Life, BBC Proms, Hampstead Life, Artist Talk and Boomer Art. In addition, international publications, The House and Israeli Art Market magazines.