Acrylics on Canvas, 122x152cm. 2022. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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I work on African art, I draw inspiration of my art pieces from things I see around me, so as i love creating the happenings in my environment.

Arobieke work is based on the use of acrylics, in which impressive figures reflect the culture and environment of Ibadan culture, with brushstrokes that emphasize the texture that portrays the richness of black skin against vibrant colors with the contrast of the landscape.


Arobieke Tomiwa was born in 6th of August, 1999. An indigene of ogun state, he’s a visual artist based In Ibadan city, Nigeria. Studied science laboratory technology at The polytechnic Ibadan and have foqued on he’s professional career as a painter. As a self-taught artist, he discovered his ability to draw and paint aesthetically pleasing images as a kid. Tomiwa leverages the internet to sharpen his knowledge and techniques on how to improve his craft. With the use of acrylics on canvas, he creates stunning works that reflect what he see around him and how human relates.