Acrylic on canvas. 80x80cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“My artworks are mostly inspired by the sea and the marine environment and are rich in texture and colour. I use strong tonal forms and a vivid colour palette. My personal challenge is for my art to evoke deep emotions and a powerful energy; my paintings also tell a story. They suggest a metaphor of the human experience as we experience our journey through life. Time, happiness, sadness, memories, nostalgia, even’ nostos’ (Greek word for homecoming) , are all linked to it. The movement of water with its shapes, patterns and colours that swirl into and out of each other create fascinating abstract imagery.” (Marina Emphietzi-Harris)


Marina Emphietzi was born in Famagusta, Cyprus, and lives in London.  A popular international contemporary artist, her passion for art started early. She trained at the Dubai International Arts Centre under Artist Master Shakeel and continued her education at Central ST. Martin’s college of Art in London and the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS). Marina’s work explores issues of time, life and memory and has been described as ‘a reflection and celebration of life and the human spirit’. With influences as diverse as Greek mythology and J. M. W.Turner, she creates paintings with a vivid colour palette, many textures, robust energy and a playful style mostly inspired by the sea. Her work is characterized by strong tonal variations and constantly challenges her own talent by trying to experiment with subject matters and techniques for new creative effects. Marina taught Art and served as an Arts Advisory Committee member at the Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre and was involved in the following activities: Curator of the Arts’ Festival of Addis Ababa-Ethiopia 2010, Co-founder of the ‘Cyprus Open Studios’, Founding Arts Advisory member of the Dubai Theatre and Arts centre (DUCTAC), Strategic planning Consultant for the Dubai International Arts centre- 2011, Gallery consultant at ‘the Cynthia Corbett Gallery’, London, UK. Member of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts and the ArtCan organisation, her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and art fairs: Bobcat Gallery, London, UK; The Green & Stone gallery, Chelsea, London; 2022-Chroma, London, Uk; HGS Art Fair, London; Flux Exhibition, London; Light, Space &Time Gallery, UK; Gallery Mondo Arte, Dubai-UAE; Gallery Leila–Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Gallery Opus 39, Nicosia, Cyprus; Chamber of Fine Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus; or Hunar Gallery, Dubai UAE.