PUBLIC WASHING ROOM SECRETS (AI assisted painting) – Set of 6 artworks


Printing on FineArt Hahnemühle Baryta paper. Composition with 6 works of 21x21cm each (Public washing room secrets, On this side of the field… what matters, Words that have no end, Sister’s Confessions, The Lovers and Intimacy). 2023. Limited edition of 5.
No frame included.

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A deep, amorous, ferocious, voluptuous dive into the heart of the jaguar. Brief, reserved, mysterious, select, naked. This is jaguar’s roar! An autobiographical AI painting series, in which the author portrays scenes from her adult and young life using artificial intelligence as a way of questioning micropolitics associated with visuality and the hybridity between arts and technology. Silk in the Jaguar’s Roar is a faithful and sharp portrait of the artist’s life.
Sílvia Raposo was born in Lisbon, in 1993. Graduated in Anthropology, researcher in Arts and performer, her work is based on an anthropophagist dialogue with the images of the consumer society, placing the contemporary artist as a hunter-gatherer of images. Her first visual series of fine art prints “Visual micropolitics” seeks to be a scar in the white space of performance. Her work dialogues with hybridism through a Frankenstein aesthetic, that is, an art of grafting and miscegenation, of overlaps or intersections between different cultures and artistic aesthetics, looking for new forms of visual and micropolitical sovereignty.