Digital Photography, special print on Aluminium Dibond 3mm with profile support, numbered and digital signed, belonging to a limited series of 10. Available in 70×90 cm or 100x120cm (indicate size preference in purchase notes). This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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The artwork “Ritual”, by ivorian digital artist Jean-David Niangoran aka BLVCKRTST, results from a reflexion on spirituality, nature and society. For that, the artist creates a scene that shows an african worshiper in the midst of a water spirit worship ritual.

“It [digital art] allows me to feel good, to be in agreement with myself. But above all, what I like is to transmit emotions. (…) I like this because it is a sharing between me and those who contemplate my works. For me, being an artist means being able to transmit emotions to others, that’s what makes art come alive. To pass messages is to give one’s opinion, one’s thought on a fact.” (Jean-David Niangoran)


Jean-David Niangoran aka BLVCKVRTST is an african photographer and self-taught visual/digital artist from Ivory Coast. The 28 year old artist based in Abidjan has been in love with photography since he was very young. Being an introverted person since his young age, photography has always been a vehicle of expression, a way to convey messages. The artist has always sought to convey emotions, feelings of all kinds (joy, love, fear, anger etc) to the people around him, and, in 2019, he made the decision to dedicate himself to photography professionally. As a photographer he specialized very quickly in digital art, as he evolved in the world of computer science. His creative genius was recognized in the tenth edition of the contemporary art competition of Société Générale Côte d’Ivoire, distinguished for his irreverent digital art with a futuristic universe influenced by spirituality, nature and the society.