STAND [1] (色凤儿 《》 纸本)


Ink on paper 35×68cm. 2023. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Inheriting the lines of Chang Yu and the colors of Matisse, Se Feng’er reinvents traditional Chinese painting brush and ink in a wonderfully supernatural, eerie, and bizarre way. Her work mixes traditional Chinese painting with a kind of neo-expressionism and primitivism style.


Se Feng’er is a self-taught artist. Starting painting during the Shanghai epidemic, in July 2022, she edited and published the first album titled ‘Sex Commandments’, which brought together more than 300 works painted during confinement. After that, the artist was invited by PAKS Gallery in Austria, to participate in the 2024 Basel International Contemporary Art Biennale in Switzerland. Her work are awarded with “Premio Internazionale Michelangelo” and her career includes several exhibitions, such as: the “Temperature: Contemporary Art Exhibition” held at the Louvre in Paris, France; the Boomer Gallery in Tower Bridge, London, UK; M P Birla Millennial Art Museum in London; BECOMING Art Exhibition in Paris, held by the Camille Pouyfaucon Gallery; “Watching: Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition”, curated by the Italian Academy of Roman Literature, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and the Beijing Longyin Yafeng Visual Art Center; Spring Malaysia International Art Network Competition; “Blooming Five Continents – Contemporary World Chinese Female Artists Academic Invitational Exhibition” organized by the International Federation of Calligraphy and Painting Artists; World Tour of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Masters’ Singapore Station, held at the Parliament Building in Singapore; “Second Italian De Cio Biennale” at the Skavini Art Museum in Lombardy, Italy; “Art Without Borders” held at the Galerie Francis Barlier Gallery in Paris; ART SHOPPING Autumn 2023 Contemporary Art Salon at the Louvre in Paris; Palazzo Ximènes Panciatichi in Florence; Or the 7th “Open” International Art Review Competition organized by the Los Angeles International Museum of Art in the United States.