Acrylic on paper. 61x53cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Fabián Caro Román surprises us with his multi-format artworks. This amazement instantly mutates into a genuine desire to delve deeper and deeper into the universe proposed by the artist. There it is, lurking, a gallery of fantastic beings. They challenge us from their architectural landscapes located in the improbable temporal coordinate of the retrofuture. Robotic gods, metallic monstrosities and fabulous characters emerge from the surrealist exercise that connects the unconscious and matter and that invariably shapes the infinite faces of the archetypes. The fertility, eroticism, magic and impeccability of the warrior assume original forms. However, Caro’s proposal goes further. His metaphysical pantheon acquires prophetic characteristics because each one of its members is also a cyborg, a fusion of the organic and the machine that looms as the inevitable destiny of our species.
Fabián Caro does not draw the real world, but those who see his paintings can interpret them, because they are icons that invite viewers to travel to their unconscious and meet again with some dreamlike landmarks. In his sculptures the human body appears with force, faces appear, metaphysical and magical corporeal expressions, especially the surrealist modeling of the female body stands out, synthesizing it as sublime, wonderful and very magnificent. Art is his way of life, and he describes it as a state of the soul, it is present in everything he does. (Sonia Pérez, Journalist and Researcher)
Fabián Caro Román was born in Santiago of Chile. His first contact with drawing occured during adolescence, where he perfected the art of caricature. Trained in painting, muralism, sculpture and ceramics, he graduated in architecture and quickly marveled at the most plastic dimension of the profession: shape, color and light. Upon receiving his diploma, the Rector of the Universidad Mayor entrusts him with the creation of the Centro de Extensión, an important cultural focus in Chile. He has organized numerous exhibitions, including “Homenaje al Torero”, “El Genio de Leonardo”, “Máquinas y Dibujo”, “Las Sombras de Chagall”, among others.
His work is characterized by the theme of the dream and the unconscious, in which the human body appears in force, through metaphysical and magical faces and body expressions, with a focus on surrealist modeling of the female body. Fabián Caro has exhibited his work in numerous cultural centers, universities and galleries in Chile and Spain with excellent reviews from the public and the specialized press. His work is represented in galleries, fairs and collectors in Europe, Canada, USA and Mexico; More recently stands out the exhibition “El Salón de los Sueños”, an anthological exhibition comprising 70 plastic works, including drawings, paintings and sculptures.