The hope despite the pain


Digital art printing on canvas exclusive edition with swarovski and diamond dust, 80 x 60cm. 2020.

This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.



Jamal Masarwa (born 1986) is a Palestinian contemporary digital artist based in London, United Kingdom. Jamal’s work is well-known for his expression of freedom, showcasing contemporary and surreal art that incorporates Arabic calligraphy and inspirational figures from the Middle Eastern and Western worlds. Jamal majored in the study of animation and digital arts in 2004, but his love and passion for his identity and language pushed him in a different direction. Jamal’s work is based on the Arabic language and inspirational figures from the Middle Eastern and Western worlds that he honors by creating limited edition masterpieces with Swarovski and diamond dust.

His career began in 2012, which was the year he launched his first art exhibition titled “Mask”. After the success of his first exhibition in Palestine, Jamal focused on delivering his message to the rest of the world. Today, his artworks are present in more than 20 countries around the world, having held exhibitions from Jaffa and Haifa, Palestine, to Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and London.

Throughout the years, he has collaborated with several iconic brands, celebrity personalities, and magazines in the Middle East and around the world. In every single artwork, there is a message of freedom.