Sculpture in fiberglass and polyester resin polychrome acrylic and integrated in matt black iron frame. 80x80cm. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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The Body… An Inhabited Territory ” (es. El Cuerpo… Un Territorio Habitado) explores, through the artist’s experience as a nudist, the perspective of gender diversity and the main social transformations that lead to a social image of the body in contemporary culture. It is a multidisciplinary project, where painting dialogues with sculpture, drawing, photography and jewelry, focusing on the censorship imposed on the daily nude, alerting to the social controversy of the future of bodies, highlighting the role of science and technology in new conceptions of the body, life and death. The project is linked to an anthropological research work “Una Cultura Hipersexualizada”.
“Evolution is based on respect from the person, not from the gender. As a result of this, it is worth reflecting on the nude, decency and certain cultural conceptions.” (José A. Faraco)
José A. Faraco was born in Huelva, Spain, in 1961. He started as a self-taught artist, painter and sculptor that has held numerous individual and collective exhibitions. Currently, his work focuses on the desexualization and naturalization of the nude. Graduated in Fine Arts and Cultural Management at Fundación Valentín de Madariaga and in Philosophy at UNED, he founded the La Original Art Gallery and through his work seeks to defend gender equality. Among his exhibitions/works stand out “¿Cuál es el papel del Arte in the construction of la Paz?” at the 1st International Painting Biennale of Mexico and “Espacio, tiempo y forma”, on the relationship between mathematics and art, in the Hall of Teatro Felipe Godínez.