About The Contemporary Art Collectors Guide

The Contemporary Art Collector’s Guide is an indispensable resource for passionate art lovers and collectors seeking a broad view of the current art world. Carefully curated by São Rafael Galleries to provide a global perspective, this publication boasts profiles of world-renowned artists, insider essays, and in-depth interviews with the boldest voices in the industry. Discover thought-provoking analysis of current art world issues, along with an exclusive meticulously curated selection of groundbreaking artworks. Each issue comes complete with a QR code, allowing readers to access a 3D artwork or exhibition, along with a unique, collectible illustration.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“The Contemporary Art Collectors Guide” is an impressive showcase through the vibrant world of contemporary art, featuring over 80 stunning illustrations of artworks, as well as interviews with the artists themselves. The inclusion of a QR code to view 3D artworks and immersive exhibition experiences is an innovative touch that brings the art to life. The author, São Rafael Galleries, provides valuable insights into the contemporary art scene, including the complexities of the market and the ways technology is changing the way we experience art.

— Tony Stork

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was lucky enough to discover the book ‘The Contemporary Art Collectors Guide’ by São Rafael Galleries, and it was clear to me that this is not just another art book. The images are absolutely stunning and the book has an interactive dynamic that I have never seen before. The approach to the techniques used by the artists is interesting and informative. I particularly appreciate the variety of artists included in the book, each with their unique style contributing to the work. This book is a true creative challenge and inspires me to appreciate the world of contemporary art even more.

— Ray Cordova

The Contemporary Art Collectors Guide (Hard cover printed version)



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