Leonor Trindade Sousa

Abstract and Figurative Painting
Leonor Trindade Sousa was born in Vagos, in 1961. Her work, through oil and acrylic, ranges from figurative to abstract and it’s the result of an enormous stoicism and struggle, where her feminist side is evident in parallel with the more sensitive condition of maternity. She has been awarded several times with the prizes: Premio della Crítica Louvre Art Museum 2021; Palme d’Or, in Cannes; Literarte Best Artist of the Year 2018, in Brazil; International Grand Master of Art Caravaggio Award, in Milan; International Grand Master of Art Botticelli Award, in Florence; Diego Velázquez International Art Award, in Barcelona; Artist of the Year Award 2019, in Mantua, Italy; the Golden Brush Trophy, in Brazil; M.A.D.S Gallery’s Renoir International Art Prize, in Milan; and the Michelangelo International Award, in Rome.
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I am what life has made of me... I am the rest of everything and the beginning of many things...
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