Mazarine Memon

Pareidolia Painting
Mazarine Memon was born into an eccentric and fun-loving Parsee family in Bombay (Mumbai), the artist is of Iranian ancestry, Indian by birth, Italian at heart, and Canadian by choice. Based in Canada,
through her art, Mazarine explores her Indian and Iranian roots, operating out of The Art Brewery, her studio. Mazarine is constantly exploring new and exciting avenues. Her fine art collection, which a collector once referred to as ‘mysteries in colour,’ employs pareidolia phenomena to urge viewers to uncover the mystery hidden within the painting. Mazarine has exhibited in India, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Oman, and Bahrain.
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I play intelligently on a psychological phenomenon known as Pareidolia. This unique approach has earned my style the title of Mysteries in Color.
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