Mixed media sculpture. Collage, Acrylic paint, oil pastel, varnish. 30×21 cm. 2022. This artwork includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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“I began painting as very young girl and since then I never stopped… I create in ceramics , paintings and collage. My work explores what I see in my own way. All my life I’ve been interested in art (…) My art is my voice … a powerful interpretation of my deepest thoughts and hidden emotions. I paint abstract styles, mixed medium and collage technique. I cut a lot of paper and make long compositions… (…). Each painting or artwork becomes a new family member… Within each brushstroke time and emotions are forever trapped .”

Dulce Carvalho is a Portuguese artist from Póvoa de Varzim. Her work is characterized by decoupage, fabric sublimation, ceramics and abstract painting using various materials and techniques, such as glue, cutouts, acrylic paint, oil pastel and resins. She started by learning decorative and floral arts, having held several workshops and worked with several artists in the various countries where she lived – Spain, France, Switzerland and Brussels. Her work is a vehicle for the expression of emotions and thoughts, with the influence of pop culture being notorious and a detailed cut and composition work. Among the artist’s works stand out the decorative sculptures with an irreverent decoupage work, from busts, animal sculptures, elegant plates with floral motifs adapted to a pop concept, in which the artist recreates imaginary gardens of sensations: “I dreamt of my magical garden again… This time, there were leopards and parrots living in peace and harmony… This time the air was filled of butterflies and flowers, as numerous as the stars up above. It always reminds me of soft scented snowflakes dancing in the sunlight.” The artist’s works overflow with femininity in a vision that combines romanticism, irreverence and transcendentality. Dulce’s captures the beauty of the world through mixed media art.